Ceramic Substrates

Alumina Substrate

Physical and chemical properties are also stable at high temperatures, with excellent heat impact resistance.
Alumina substrates can maintain stable physical and chemical properties in high
temperature environments. It has excellent performance for thermal shock .
Alumina substrate is suitable for high temperature and harsh environments, and are
resistant to erosion and wear. It’s an ideal material for a wide range of industrial,
automotive and aerospace applications.

Poly Sapphire Substrate
(Translucent alumina)

Poly Sapphire Substrate products maintain the excellent wear resistance,
photoelectric and thermal conductivity characteristics of single crystal sapphire
with a lower manufacturing cost. Due to tape casting process, poly sapphire
substrate is able to provide a much larger size for processes requirements.

Zirconia Toughened Alumina(ZTA)

By adding zirconium oxide to transform the alumina substrate into a material with unique engineering characteristics, it can be used in wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature stability and excellent mechanical strength applications, in health care, automotive, aviation and other applications are widely used.

Aluminum Nitride(AlN) Substrate

Aluminum nitride substrates have excellent thermal conductivity and electrical insulation
properties, and are especially suitable for high-temperature components and high-power

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