Poly Sapphire Substrate
(Translucent alumina)

Poly Sapphire Substrate (Translucent alumina)


Poly Sapphire Substrate products maintain the excellent wear resistance, photoelectric and thermal conductivity characteristics of single crystal sapphire with a lower manufacturing cost.
Due to tape casting process, poly sapphire substrate is able to provide a much larger size for processes requirements.

Excellent processability Wide range of applications such as: LED filament, fingerprint identification protection cover, mobile phone protection cover, mobile phone back cover, smart wearable device protection sheet, lens protection cover, etc.

Suitable for LED lighting, mobile phone back cover industry.

Sintronic is the only company in Taiwan and China that provides high-quality poly  sapphire substrates. The lapping and polishing after sintering are all completed in house. Customers are welcome to co- design and develop products of the required specifications.

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Material Characteristics:

ITEM Al2O3 99.6%
Bulk Density (g/cm3) ≧ 3.98
Thermal conductivity(25℃) W/m K 39.15
Coefficient of thermal expansion (20~300℃) (10-6/K) 6.8
Dielectric strength (KV/mm)-DC 30.45
Volume Resistance(25℃) >1015
Dielectric Constant(1MHz) 11.2
3-point Flexural strength (MPa) 320
Transmittance(%) 79
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