ZTA Ceramic Substrate

Zirconia Toughened Alumina Ceramic substrate is a kind of circuit board, which has the thermal expansion coefficient close to the semiconductor and high heat resistance, suitable for products with high heat (high brightness LED, solar energy), its excellent weather resistance characteristics can be applied to the harsher outdoor environment. Because of its lead-free, non-toxic and chemical stability, it will not cause harm to environmental protection, so it is more and more widely accepted by the public. ZTA substrate into the electric vehicle supply chain, mainly used in electric vehicle heat exchangers, a car needs two ZTA substrates, the future IGBT also has the opportunity to adopt.

UVC Air Sterilization

The chances of disease transmission and bacterial contamination caused by long-term non-circulating air in the vehicle are very high. UVC LED air filtration system, through the high-performance UVC LED sterilization technology to carry out air disinfection.

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