UVC products

water sterilizer
A new product that provides the filter core with a next-generation upgrade. Compatible with all brands of filtration equipment to improve the quality of drinking water and health for the whole family. Made in Taiwan.SGS Certificated.

mini sterilizer
Connect to a power bank or mobile phone for sterilization on demand. Light, convenient to carry and aesthetically pleasing, it can be used at home or away whenever you want, with a sterilizing power of over 99.9%. Made in Taiwan for assured quality. SGS Certificated.

Sterilization Tumbler
An innovative travel cup that ensures quality drinking water even while camping, traveling, fishing, hiking.
Novel patented sterilizing travel mug kills over 99.9% of pathogens to ensure safe drinking water. SGS Certificated.
UVC Application
The three basic elements of life are air, water and food. Health is now a priority as well. The incorporation of UVC technology into lifestyle products keeps invisible bacteria and viruses away through its "sterilizing" power. Look after the people most important to you by embracing a healthy quality of life.
Safeguard health by keeping pathogens away.
Fight pathogens through sterilization on demand
Easy to operate and even easier to use. Novel design makes it simple to keep bacteria and viruses at bay.