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Strength And Flexibility

Alumina hardness, zirconium oxide toughness combined is good, the two materials formed a high strength, high toughness of excellent complex. At room temperature, ZTA ceramics have superior wear resistance because of their high bending strength and fracture toughness. Therefore, ZTA ceramics are widely used in machinery, electronics, petroleum, chemical engineering, aerospace and textile industries.

EElectric Vehicle Industry Application

Heat exchangers for electric vehicles (each vehicle requires 2 pieces of zirconium oxide (ZTA) composite substrates) and ceramic composites are preferred due to the need for high temperature and robust shock resistance.
Ceramic substrate is a kind of circuit board, which has the thermal expansion coefficient close to the semiconductor and high heat resistance, suitable for products with high heat (high brightness LED, solar energy), its excellent weather resistance characteristics can be applied to the harsher outdoor environment. Because of its lead-free, non-toxic and chemical stability, it will not cause harm to environmental protection, so it is more and more widely accepted by the industry.

Collaborative Robotics Industry Application

High-efficiency mobility UVC collaborative robot with built-in lithium battery. High-power UVC LED sterilization with arm 360 degree gap-free movenment, aerosol spray disinfection, and UVC air filtration and other functions. It also supports AI planning for human-machine collaboration, which allows sterilizing robots to move and reside dynamically through path setting.

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