Alumina Substrate

Alumina Substrate


Alumina substrates can maintain stable physical and chemical properties in high temperature environments. It has excellent performance for thermal shock .
Alumina substrate is suitable for high temperature and harsh environments, and are resistant to erosion and wear.
It’s an ideal material for a wide range of industrial, automotive and aerospace applications.

Sintronic provides high purity 99.6% alumina substrates.
It has excellent surface quality and higher strength and heat dissipation that provides better substrates fitting high end industry and automotive design and assembly.

It has


Material Characteristics:

ITEMAl2O3 99.6%
Bulk Density (g/cm3)≧ 3.85
Water absorption (%)0
Roughness( Ra) µm≦ 0.2
3-point Flexural strength (MPa)≧500
Thermal conductivity(20℃) W/m K≧30
Coefficient of thermal expansion6.8
Volume Resistance(25℃)>1014
Dielectric Constant(1MHz)9.9
Dielectric strength (KV/mm)-DC> 15
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